New Publications for Melanie Ilic

theanatomyofterrorlifestoriesofsocietwomenMelanie Ilic has had two major pieces of research published over the summer.

Life Stories of Soviet Women: the Interwar Generation (Routledge, 2013) is the culmination of several years’ work examining the everyday lives of eight women living in Soviet times through their own individual accounts. The interview respondents include: Khrushchev’s daughter, Rada Nikitichna Adzhubei; human rights campaigner and founder of Moscow Helsinki Watch, Lyudmila Alekseeva; the film-maker and peace activist daughter of the first chair of the Soviet Women’s Committee, Renita Grigor’eva; and journalist, author and broadcaster Ol’ga Kuchkina.

Melanie’s chapter, ‘The Great Terror in Leningrad: Evidence from the Leningradskii Martirolog’ was published in James Harris (ed.), The Anatomy of Terror: Political Violence under Stalin (Oxford University Press, 2013). This chapter builds on Melanie’s earlier work examining the ‘victim’ profiles of people executed in Leningrad during the mass operations of the Great Terror in 1937-38. The book as a whole includes contributions by world-leading experts on the Stalinist purges and makes a significant contribution to the historiography of the Soviet repressions in the 1930s.


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