“My fellow historians, ask not what your History Society can do for you, ask what you can do for your History Society”

Guest Post from Chris Payne:

historysoc2013Welcome to the University of Gloucestershire! We hope you have enjoyed your summer and fresher’s week (or what is left of it). Erika Mellor and I would like to take this moment to invite all of you budding historians to the History Society. As we are aware we signed many of you up at the Jolly Brewmaster and the fresher’s fair.

The History Society is something we take great pride in because it is a place where historians can get together, socialise and have a natter (or in some cases argue!). With a love for real ale we find ourselves venturing into interesting historic pubs that are off the beaten track. These pubs have character and are cultured just like people who run it.

As some of you have already noted, History Society does have its misconceptions. The most common of which is “history society may seem a bit too serious for me!”. As a society we cater for all different types of historian – whether you want to go out and have a laugh, or chat about historical matters. Everyone is welcome!

Don’t be alarmed if you haven’t heard anything from us already. We are postponing our first social due to events organised by the Students Union. This will allow us to maximise our membership on our first social outing. Although do keep your eyes peeled on your email inboxes!

So if you’re looking for an enjoyable, social and cultured night then look no further than your history society!

Much love,

The History Society


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