Hearty Congratulations All Round

As part of the University-wide Festival Fortnight, this week has seen a series of presentations and awards by and for History students and staff.

horriblehistoriesOn Monday, students presented some of their work at the Humanities Student Research Conference, which gave them the opportunity to talk about some of the projects that have interested them the most – including group work and dissertation research. Level 5 History students Grace Cooper and Matt Saffery presented the findings of a recent project which explored early modern childhood. The group made a ‘Horrible Histories’ magazine aimed at children, which tells a story of what it might have been like to be an early modern child.

Third year students discussed the findings of their dissertation research: Jack Miles presented on ‘Edward Said and Cornwall’; and Jordan Spencer presented on ‘JFK’s Legacy’. Rachael Colmer and Erika Mellor talked about their work for the History Society, before handing over the task to their course-mates. One of the aims of both Festival Fortnight and the conference was to make interesting connections and to open discussion between different subject groups, so it was great to see our students taking part!

suericaOn Tuesday afternoon and evening the hard work of students and staff across the University was recognised at two awards events held in Cheltenham Town Hall. Some of these awards were open to nomination by students.  Erika Mellor won Course Rep of the Year Award.  Former History student Alicia Mascall, who now works as an academic advisor, won ‘Best Academic Feedback‘. Her citation reads:

“Alicia has given effective advice when helping students structure their dissertations.  She has been described as ‘keeping students sane throughout their time at University’ and goes the extra mile to make sure students understand their feedback.”

Finally, Professor Melanie Ilic was one of a significant number of staff presented with long service awards at this event, for over 25 years of service.  Congratulations all!

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