Happy Birthday

How often is “Happy Birthday”, the song by Stevie Wonder, played to celebrate people’s birthdays?  It features quite a lot on Radio 2 …  but how many people realise the song was written by Wonder in 1981 as part of the campaign to have Martin Luther King celebrated in a national holiday?  Ronald Reagan established … More Happy Birthday

VE Day on the BBC

Among all the celebrations of VE Day, you might want to look out for “First Days of Peace” scheduled for Monday 11th May at 7.30 pm on BBC! West. Presented by Bonnie Greer, the half-hour documentary focuses on the American presence in Bristol during World War II and particularly the issue of race brought about … More VE Day on the BBC

Dates That Changed the Western World: 1941 and Pearl Harbor

The surprise pre-emptive air attack by the Japanese on the American Pacific Fleet in their base at Pearl Harbor in Oahu, Hawaii, on December 7th 1941 had momentous consequences. In a day which President Franklin Roosevelt said would “live in infamy”, the Japanese aircraft sank 18 warships, damaged several more, and killed over 2,400 U.S. … More Dates That Changed the Western World: 1941 and Pearl Harbor