David Howell

Dr David Howell


E-mail: dhowell1@glos.ac.ukDavid Howell

David is a lecturer in History and Heritage. This year he will be teaching courses on social conflict in the nineteenth century and crime, violence and disorder between 1640-1800. He has a diverse background, originally coming from archaeology. A career in archaeology included fieldwork at notable British sites, including Paviland, Gower and on prehistoric monuments in Avebury. Moving into the museums and heritage sector, he became increasingly interested in public protest, and was heavily involved in promoting the 175th anniversary of the Chartist Rising in Newport.

His research focuses on the development of national identities. He is particularly interested in the impacts of political priorities in the present on the way in which historical narratives can be manipulated. He completed his PhD in 2014 at the University of South Wales, which explored the impact of political devolution in Wales on the heritage and museums sectors. As part of this study, he also spent time in Greenland and Iceland, examining the growth of nationalist themes in museums and galleries there. He has recent and forthcoming publications developing these themes in the Curator Journal and the International Journal of Intangible Heritage, while his indulgence for graphic novels is satisfied by a publication entitled ‘The mystery of museums in graphic novels’ in the Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics.

Born in Newport, South Wales, he is a passionate supporter of the culture sector in Wales, and is currently working with the Welsh Government on the promotion of intangible cultural heritage in Wales. He also lectures on heritage with the University of Cardiff. Outside of academia, David has an unhealthy relationship with rugby, runs a small holding and lives in a small, but very comfortable yurt.