Vicky Morrisroe

Vicky Morrisroe is Senior Lecturer in History. She teaches a range of modules on modern Britain and Europe. With a specialist interest in nineteenth-century intellectual history, Vicky’s research focuses on the relationship(s) between race, religion, and politics. She has recently published an article entitled ‘“Eastern History with Western Eyes”: E.A. Freeman, Islam and Orientalism’ in the Journal of Victorian Culture (2011) and has a second piece, entitled ‘“Sanguinary Amusement”: E.A. Freeman, the Comparative Method and Victorian Theories of Race’, forthcoming in Modern Intellectual History (2013). Vicky has also published reviews relating to Victorian history, contributing in particular to the Annual Bulletin of Historical Literature.

Vicky is currently working on a book entitled E.A. Freeman: the Life and Works of a mid-Victorian Historian, whilst also developing research on Thomas Arnold. The work on Arnold is particularly interested to explore a world-view which held that the unity of church and state throughout Western Christendom was central to the future progress and freedom of the human race. Vicky speaks regularly at both national and local events, including conferences ran by the British Association of Victorian Studies and seminars organized by the Cheltenham and Gloucester Branch of The Historical Society.

Vicky enjoys reading, drinking coffee and going to the pub.

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