Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize: A Historian’s Guide

This post comes from John Hughes, Professor of Nineteenth Century Literature at the University of Gloucestershire, and author of Invisble Now: Bob Dylan in the 1960s (2013). Any admirer of Bob Dylan’s work soon becomes aware of all the tiresome and uncomprehending clichés that are endlessly trotted out as reportage, usually by identifying him with the … More Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize: A Historian’s Guide

Literature, History, and the Vietnam War

Writing a preview of the Cheltenham Literature Festival, I suggested all History students should read literature.  I was reminded of this today when I read the (belated – he died in June) obituary of Michael  Herr in The Guardian.  Herr’s book, Dispatches (1977), was one of the most powerful pieces of writing dealing with the … More Literature, History, and the Vietnam War

The Passing of a Hero

This Friday will witness the funeral of Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer in history and a figure whose importance transcended sport.  Hundreds will attend his funeral and many thousands more around the world will mourn his passing because Ali was internationally loved.  He was one of my heroes. Thousands of words have been written about … More The Passing of a Hero